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Trill Moms's Podcast

Dec 3, 2019

Love and Marriage Huntsville, Closure in Breakups, Domestic Violence, Woman to Woman Conversations, Adoption, Interracial Families, DNA Tests, Colorism, Light Skin Privilege, Race Talks with Kids, Cussin at Kids, Teenage Drama, Unblended Families, Working with Your Spouse, and Responding like Beyoncé



Hosts: @heymissbrit @aarica.coleman

Guests: @immissfancy @protectyourcrown @catwalkfierce

Producers: @protectyourcrown @catwalkfierce @aarica.coleman @heymissbrit

Music: "Life" by @iLLismmusic

“Aint No Fun” by @iLLismmusic

“Bet” by @iLLismmusic

"Cymph1" by @mamadu612

"P((o))WR" by @ladymidnight612