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Trill Moms's Podcast

Dec 26, 2019

Dating Men With Kids, Isolating Work Environments, Sex During Pregnancy, Career Sabotage, Nannies vs Daycare, Having It All, Conscious Parenting, Being Your Full Self, The Girlfriends Guide To Divorce, Breastfeeding Stigmas, VBACs, Geriatric Pregnancies, Birth Control Side Effects, Medical Mistreatment of Black Women, Demanding Your Salary, and Reparations.


Hosts: @heymissbrit @aarica.coleman

Guests: @thahornyhousewife @protectyourcrown @catwalkfierce

Producers: @protectyourcrown @catwalkfierce @aarica.coleman @heymissbrit

Music: "Life" by @iLLismmusic

"Cymph1" by @mamadu612

“LizLani” by @mamadu612

"P((o))WR" by @ladymidnight612