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Trill Moms's Podcast

Mar 12, 2021

Brit and Aarica talk with Ms. Danielle about self-abandonment, medical mistreatment, children with chronic illness, and the journey to self-love and happiness. 

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Our opening Girl Chat is a snippet from Trill Moms Week called "Motherhood & Anti-racism" Moderated by Shavunda Brown featuring: Tatiana Fhree, Alissa Paris, and Ayolanda Mack. The ladies unpack Black parenting patterns and re-imagining child punishments. 

This episode features  music from @iLLismmusic and @ladymidnight612


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Hosts: Brittany L. Wright & Aarica L. Coleman

Guests: Shavunda Brown, Tatianna Fhree, Alissa Paris, and Ayolanda Mack, Danielle Ferrentino

Producers: Brittany L. Wright, Aarica L. Coleman, Essence Jones, Shakeeta Sturden