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Trill Moms's Podcast

Dec 26, 2019

Dating Men With Kids, Isolating Work Environments, Sex During Pregnancy, Career Sabotage, Nannies vs Daycare, Having It All, Conscious Parenting, Being Your Full Self, The Girlfriends Guide To Divorce, Breastfeeding Stigmas, VBACs, Geriatric Pregnancies, Birth Control Side Effects, Medical Mistreatment of Black...

Dec 3, 2019

Love and Marriage Huntsville, Closure in Breakups, Domestic Violence, Woman to Woman Conversations, Adoption, Interracial Families, DNA Tests, Colorism, Light Skin Privilege, Race Talks with Kids, Cussin at Kids, Teenage Drama, Unblended Families, Working with Your Spouse, and Responding like...

Nov 25, 2019

Gender roles, marriage vs. partnership, bonus moms vs. step moms, sexual shame, cock blocking, thyroid disease, slay-at-home-moms, sex talks, and tips for T.I.

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Hosts: @heymissbrit @aarica.coleman

Guests: @ayolalah @protectyourcrown...

Oct 28, 2019

Maternal Mental Health and Intuition, Postpartum Anxiety, Travel Life, Van Life, Breaking/Creating Traditions, Spanking Children, Protecting Innocence, Homeschooling, Enjoyable Pregnancies/Births, and Sisqo Ad-libs.


Hosts: @HeyMissBrit and @Aarica.Coleman


Oct 13, 2019

Hosts: @HeyMissBrit @Aarica.Coleman
Guests: @ProtectYourCrown @HelloMissWilde
Producers: @HeyMissBrit @Aarica.Coleman @ProtectYourCrown @CatWalkFierce

Featured Book: "More Than Enough" by @ElaineWelteroth

Music:"Life" by @IllismMusic

"Cymph1" by @Mamadu612

"Back In The Bag" by @Mamadu612

"Lover" by by @Baesic